Monday, January 17, 2011

What to Pack??

Packing for Mali has been the most stressful part of the Peace Corps experience so far. Like I mentioned earlier my list is ridiculously long. It's hard trying to be prepared to live in a place you've never been and bring enough stuff to get you through two years. I won't find out what region I'm working in until after I've completed training so I need to try to accommodate for all weather conditions. 

There are some very fun and exciting parts to this though! Everyday feels like Christmas. I'm constantly getting packages delivered to the house. I love opening up the boxes and discovering some new crazy item. I'm still expecting my hard drive and Bug Hut 2. Definitely going to set up the tent and play with it a bit before I go.

I have read several other blog packing lists and it helped so much. This is what I came up with:  

·         Oxy Clean sticks 3
·         Safety Pins
·         Travel sewing kit
·         Sheets and pillow case-very hot so must absorb moisture
·         Rechargeable Batteries-Nickle Metal Hydride
·         Adapter for French outlet
·         Crystal light packets-pure fitness brand grape or kiwi strawberry
·         Small battery Fan
·         Good pens
·         Flavored Tea
·         Small kids toys-dollar store
·         Exercise Band
·         Tooth brushes
·         Cookies for gifts
·         Power bars
·         Lavender dryer sheets
·         Taylor magazine for clothes
·         Fly swatter
·         Sauce packets-knorr
·         10 tuna packets
·         Can opener
·         Earplugs 3 sets 
·         Duck tape
·         Combo lock
·         Regular towel thin 2
·         Bike gloves
·         Mosquito tent REI stand alone-Bug Hut 2
·         Capri  pants active below knee
·         Speakers for Ipod
·         2 Fast drying towels
·         2 Nalgene water bottle and splash guard
·         Chacos sandals
·         Head lamp
·         External Hard Drive
·         Capri pants
·         USB drive
·         Scissors
·         Ziploc bags
·         loofah
·         One nice business outfit
·         Hair Straightener
·         Swimsuits
·         Backpack
·         Sundresses two
·         Pictures
·         Notebook
·         Makeup
·         Skincare 
·         Bandanna
·         Gym shorts
·         One Columbia fleece
·         2 Long sleeve shirts
·         Few clothes for traveling
·         Neck pillow
·         Eye shade
·         Sunglasses
·         Sneakers
·         Ipod and accessories
·         Watch
·         Laptop
·         Sleeping bag
·         Mirror
·         Fun jewelry
·         Gel bike seat
·         Waterproof Camera and back up cards
·         Bottle washer
·         Money belt
·         Small calendar
·         Baby powder
·         Leatherman Knife
·         2 pairs of skinny jeans
·         5 going out shirts
·         2 bottles body wash
·         Nail Stuff
·         Playing cards

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  1. Yessss I'm so glad you started this blog!!

    now pick some different colors, my eyes hurt.

    Have fun pursuing your dreams. Don't ever doubt yourself. I'm incredibly excited for you :)