Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Next Stop: India!!

Yikes!! It's been awhile since I've been on here!

Let's get caught up. I got back from the Peace Corps last June and have been attending Marquette University since last August. I'm in the MBA program and working as a marketing and management graduate assistant helping four full-time professors with teaching, grading, and organizing. I've really enjoyed my classes so far but am very excited about my Global Technology course. It's the reason I am back to blogging. I will be traveling to India in January for the class and I'm using my blog to share the experience with you. I will be posting several assignments on here so thought I'd share some of the basics with you so you can follow along.

The class has three main objectives:

  1. Understand the economic and political factors driving growth of global business in technology management. 
  2. Learn about the positive and detrimental influences of global technology business on legal systems, family, and culture of societies.  
  3. Engage in deep cultural immersion to further develop abilities to work with diverse cultures. 
There are several writing assignments for the course that I'll be publishing on here.  First, I write about my pre-trip perceptions of India relating to its people, social and cultural environment, and its business world. Next, I'll post reflections about my experiences during the trip. I'll conclude my postings with post-trip reflections referencing the ideas I had about India before I was there and how much they have changed through taking this course.

Hope you enjoy following along!

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